Messy Handwriting Math Trick!

Monday, February 22, 2016

I do not know about you but some of my middle schoolers have horrendous penmanship. This can be detrimental in math! I too often see bright students who happen to have messy handwriting get deducted points on math tests. They performed the steps to solving properly but they misread their own handwriting.

I shared a trick with my students that some of them have adopted. When you are showing work for math, turn your paper so the lines are running down instead of across. I have a few students who have really taken to his and they say it helps them.

I'm sure many teachers know about this "trick" but I would expect this trick is performed mostly in elementary schools. I encourage you to just let your class in on this trick. Even if it only helps one of your students, it will be worth it!

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