Hiking in Hawaii

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My spring break was fabulous and I got to explore the island of Oahu more than I had in my entire life. I went hiking with my cousin and my brother almost every day of my spring break. It is safe to say that I am aching everywhere but it was worth it! Let me tell you about some of my favorite hikes of spring break 2016.

1. Koko Head

This was probably the most strenuous hike I did over the break. It is actually more of a workout than a hike. It consists of over 1000 steps and the incline is insane. I had to take frequent breaks and once I got to the top I wanted to collapse. A lot of tourists were on this hike and once the stairs ended a lot of people were upset over the lack of view and went back down. The view comes after the stairs end. There is another trail to the right and once you climb that you get a gorgeous view of the island. 

2. Lanikai Pill Boxes

This was the easiest hike of the whole break. I did not even know I we were going on a hike that day. I thought we were just going to Lanikai beach so I wore beach clothes and slippers. The hike was do-able in slippers. It was not paved and some rock scaling was done but it was not strenuous or dangerous. The hike was short and the view was prime.

3. Crouching Lion

This was my favorite hike of the spring break! I would say it was an intermediate level hike. It was short but there was no trail really and elevation was gained at an insane rate. You definitely need covered shoes to do this hike. There is some rope to help you scale up and come back down. If it is a rainy day I would advise against this hike. It is very muddy and humid on the way up but the view is breathtaking. Technically, we went on the mini hike. There is an advanced hike that takes you to the summit of the mountain but it is very dangerous, strenuous, and long. Maybe during summer vacation!

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