Sunday, March 6, 2016

I have always been fascinated by space and space exploration. Last month, it was normal day for me and I was walking to my math co-teach class. I will try to re-create the conversation that took place between me and my co-teacher minutes before class:

 "The kids need to be taken down because an astronaut is coming to speak today" she says.
 "AN ASTRONAUT! Which astronaut? Was this an astronaut on the ISS? IS IT CHRIS HADFIELD??" I ask.
"I'm not sure but can you take them down?"
"YES. Yes I can."

I almost sprinted to the cafeteria, yelling at the students behind me "Why aren't you guys more excited??"

Ellison Onizuka was an astronaut from Hawaii who was killed in the Challenger disaster. His brother, Claude, spoke to the students first and explained that it was the 30th anniversary of the disaster. He brought up astronaut Michael Fincke to speak about the Challenger and about space exploration.

After taking some questions from students, the bell rang. The students began to leave to their next classes but I hanged back. I was not leaving without a picture. 

Thanks astronaut Michael Fincke and Claude Onizuka for coming to speak at our school! 

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