Planning a Special Education Planner

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

There are many of things I learned this school year but there was something I learned a lot about that I was not counting on... which organizational style works best for me. 

I learned that a normal binder with dividers is just not for me. I began this school year using binders as my main means of organization. My friend, Mari, made me some beautiful binder covers that I still use. 

I figured out that an accordion file works best for me and I am able to stay WAY more organized with it. Something else I learned is "keep, delegate, or trash". I was not anticipating the amount of papers I get in my teacher mailbox everyday. I used to keep all of them and it made me crazy. Now whenever I get papers in my box I decide if I am going to keep it. If I do decide to keep it, I need to delegate what I am going to use it for RIGHT AWAY and if I cant delegate it, I throw it out. I have learned that if I cant delegate it right away, I never will and it is just going to be one more piece of paper that will fill up my accordion file.

Also, I figured out what kind of planner works best for me! I am addicted to planners and I waste money on new ones constantly. I have figured out what I need and don't need in my planner. I have decided that next school year, I will create my own planner that will work the best for me! I am a special ed. teacher and I am going to make myself a section on IEP case load management. I will also upload it to Teachers Pay Teachers for the other teachers out there who are like me :).

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